Best answer: What are the best crackers to serve with baked brie?

The nuttiness of sesame crackers will complement brie cheese. Serve brie with sesame crackers for a slightly savory snack. The nutty flavor also pairs well with brie cheese topped with a fruit spread or compote.

What meats go with brie?

The flavor character of Brie and other bloomy rind cheeses vary largely on ingredients and conditions in which it is made. Spicy salamis such as Chorizos and Toscano (fennel) pair well with these soft cheeses.

Do you cut brie?

To cut a portion from a wedge of Brie, always cut along the length of the wedge. Do not cut a communal wedge of brie widthwise. Taking the point for yourself, or “pointing the brie,” is considered a social faux pas. Do not remove the rind from a communal wedge or wheel of brie.

Why does brie taste bad?

A by product of all bloomy rind cheeses is “ammonia” smell. This some-what offensive aroma results when the cultures used to make the cheese consume and convert the proteins in the curd into ammonia. Refrigeration traps this aroma in the cheese not allowing it to evaporate away.

How can I tell if my brie is bad?

The first thing that you should do is to check the rind of the brie. It should be mostly white and powdery in appearance. If it has any signs of gray, or it has become flaky, then it is likely that the cheese has started to go bad. You should not eat it past this point.

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