What does fry off mean in cooking?

Fry off means to fry quickly, so in terms of catering it describes exactly what needs to be done. It is real chef speak.

What does fry mean in cooking terms?

frying, the cooking of food in hot fats or oils, usually done with a shallow oil bath in a pan over a fire or as so-called deep fat frying, in which the food is completely immersed in a deeper vessel of hot oil.

What is the difference between Fry and cook?

In context|transitive|lang=en terms the difference between cook and fry. is that cook is {{context|transitive|lang=en}} to prepare (food) for eating by heating it, often by combining it with other ingredients while fry is {{context|transitive|lang=en}} to cook (something) in hot fat.

What is combine in cooking?

Combine. To stir two or more ingredients with a spoon, or to beat on Low speed with a mixer, until mixed together.

What does fry stand for?


Acronym Definition
FRY Ferry (postal suffix)
FRY Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
FRY Fairmont Royal York (hotel; Canada)
FRY Former Republic of Yugoslavia

Can I bake instead of frying?

Use a small amount of oil to coat the surface of the food, then brown in the oven instead of deep frying. … Make a crispy crust by adding crispy ingredients to the outside of the food, then oven-fry, instead of deep-frying in hot oil. Broil foods to quickly add color and a crispy texture.

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Is it better to bake or fry?

Frying is a method where the food is submerged in oil at a high temperature. Oil is a saturated fat and is therefore, high in calories. … However, baking does not add any additional calories and fats to the foods you cook and is thus, always preferred over frying.

Is baking with oil the same as frying?

In baking, heating elements are used to heat the air around a food, which in turn cooks the food in the oven. With frying, heating elements are used to heat the oil that surrounds a food. The heat from the oil is the imparted to the food, cooking it.

What are 5 cooking mixing terms?

Cooking terms (9) Cutting terms 5 Mixing terms 9 Preparations7

mix to combine 2 or more ingredients by beating or stirring
sift to put dry ingredients through a sifter to break up particles and mix thouroughly
toss to mix ingredients lightly
whip to beat rapidly until the mixture is fluffy

What are some preparation terms?

Foods Chapter 12: Food Preparation Terms

clarify to make a liquid clear by removing solid particles
coat to thoroughly cover a food with a liquid or dry mixture
coddle to cook by submerging in simmering liquid
combine to mix or blend two or more ingredients together

What is the meaning of peel in cooking?

+ Larger Image. The outer skin or rind of a fruit and vegetable. Vegetables that have this outer skin will generally have the peel removed and discarded before the vegetable is used but there are occasions when it is left on.

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What does grate mean in cooking?

+ Larger Image. The process of transforming solid, firm food items into small pieces by rubbing the item against a grating instrument.